Welcome to the U.S. Women Veterans Advocacy Initiative Inc. 

The MISSION of this organization is: "To be a voice, resource  and connection for all women veterans who have served, or are serving, in any branch  of the U.S. Military concerning benefits, education, employment, networking, and quality of life."

Our MOTTO of this organization is:  "We are an ELITE  group of PHENOMENAL women who served in the U.S. military to protect and preserve the liberties and freedoms of the U.S. Constitution.”

The PHILOSOPHY of the organization is: “As a U.S. Woman Veteran organization, we must ensure all women veterans’ needs are known and met in some capacity. We must ensure that there is equality in all resources available and offered to them as well. If VA, or other military or government-based benefits or options are not available or being provided to the women veterans, it is our mission to find alternative methods and resources to help them. If we are unable to assist in the need or provide the services required, we will collaborate and build organizational alliances with other organizations and utilize resources that will assist in ensuring the needs are met for the veteran. This same statement holds true for the needs of male veterans who are recommended to reach out to us, or we learn about that needs assistance along the way. We firmly believe in the premise of 'No Veteran left behind'.”